Thursday, February 24, 2011

how not to make oatmeal!

mcdonald's is at it again! why can't they just produce something in a normal, healthy form... :)

How to make oatmeal...wrong

note the similarities to the way they've added all these non-oatmeal ingredients to the oatmeal. so maybe the solution is they can't call it oatmeal. just like they shouldn't be able to call chicken mcnuggets chicken!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

more on the mt.vernon school firing case

once this teacher exhausted his administrative remedies [not to mention his own bank account--according to previous news reports], he has jumped into the state court system. actually, there seemed to be more pressure on the mt.vernon schools--who already spent almost a million dollars to get him fired--not to spend much more.

of course an individual's rights to try and prove he was unjustly fired are important, but this case is causing great hardship for a school district that i have to imagine is strapped for operating funds, like ever other district in the state. maybe the teacher is hoping the school board won't have the $$$ to continue the case...sometimes, legal issues are never resolved on their merits. instead, they are resolved by who runs out of money first. [or the will to continue to fight].

Freshwater appeals termination, claims his rights, laws violated

interesting lawsuit

this is definitely not the kind of plaintiff who gets a lot of sympathy. he wasn't pleased with seller representations and was offered the chance to get his deposit back [plus interest] but instead has pursued a litigation remedy for 3+ years. note that he himself is a lawyer and his lawyer is his buddy in his firm and they have prayed for legal fees. [they means, they ask for them in the complaint...called a prayer]. i think there is a decent chance his law firm doesn't have a lot of business anyway these days so they went ahead and filed suit and now they are looking to get paid.

Dispute shines light on how homes are measured

another interesting lawsuit

read this story and try to sort out the civil procedure moves each side is making [including the mayor of NYC in a suit against the police], and also note the purpose of the police issuing the original citations. it's sad really, that this would happen in the US--police harassment and bullying for the purpose of trying to get a place closed down. it doesn't seem like the kind of thing that should happen here...

City Fails in Bid to Block Porn Bust Suit