Saturday, February 12, 2011

more on the mt.vernon school firing case

once this teacher exhausted his administrative remedies [not to mention his own bank account--according to previous news reports], he has jumped into the state court system. actually, there seemed to be more pressure on the mt.vernon schools--who already spent almost a million dollars to get him fired--not to spend much more.

of course an individual's rights to try and prove he was unjustly fired are important, but this case is causing great hardship for a school district that i have to imagine is strapped for operating funds, like ever other district in the state. maybe the teacher is hoping the school board won't have the $$$ to continue the case...sometimes, legal issues are never resolved on their merits. instead, they are resolved by who runs out of money first. [or the will to continue to fight].

Freshwater appeals termination, claims his rights, laws violated

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